CVMA RVT Committee Members

Jodie May, RVT  –  Chairman/District III Rep

Teri Adamson, RVT – Allied Industry Representative

Deborah Calantropio, RVT – Research Representative

Emma Cusack, RVT – District II Representative

Kathryn Gresco, RVT – WesternU Representative

Jennifer Harrison, RVT – District IV Representative

Chiung-Hui Hsieh, RVT – UCD Student Representative

Larry Kosmin, DVM – CVMA Board Liaison

Laressa Lum, RVT – Education Representative

Margery Moore, DVM –  DVM Member-at-Large

Kathryn Osborne, RVT –  District VIII Representative

Summer Pepper – WesternU Alternate Student Representative

Samantha Phillips – WesternU Student Representative

Heather Ryan, RVT – District I Representative

Cynthia Savely, RVT – Distric VI Representative

Leah Shufelt, RVT –  VMB Representative

Leslie Wuerzburger, RVT –  RVT Member-at-Large/Vice Chairman

Laura Phillips –  CVMA Staff Liaison

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