VISC/NT24 – A Free Nurse Triage Program

March/April 2009 California Veterinarian

VISC/NT24 – A Free Nurse Triage Program for Work-related Injuries or Illnesses

When you hear – “Ouch, Sparky nipped me” or “Oh, I hurt my back”, what do you do?

While all members of the practice strive to provide a safe workplace, it is impossible to prevent all injuries. There will be a bite, a scratch, a back strain or other injury at some point in time.

It’s simple if you have Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage through CVMA’s exclusive broker, VISC. It gives you access to VISC/NT24, a free program offering nurse triage services for work-related injuries or illnesses.

VISC/NT 24 provides immediate medical attention to injured employees and speeds up recovery time for employees. It provides early intervention on the day of injury to assist employees in obtaining the most appropriate care. The process is easy to use.

Here’s how it works —

• The supervisor is notified of the injury and immediately calls the VISC/NT 24 dedicated 800 number.

• A Registered Nurse (RN) obtains all pertinent information about the injury from the supervisor.

• The RN talks directly and confidentially with the injured worker and determines a course of action and the need for follow-up.

• If necessary, the RN schedules an appointment through the Nurse Triage network or makes a referral to the employer’s network.

VISC/NT24 saves money on Workers’ Compensation claims and lowers the potential for litigation. It’s available 24/7/365.

Call VISC/NT24 when:

• An employee is injured on the job

• An employee’s symptoms require medical attention

• You believe an employee needs medical care and aren’t sure who to call

For details of this FREE benefit of the CVMA Insurance Services Program and VISC, call your VISC Sales Representative at 1.888.762.3143 or visit

Note: Nurse Triage RNs do not diagnose injuries. They utilize a triage process that directs the employee to the appropriate level of care for treatment, given the information obtained during the telephone call, to help resolve the Worker’ Compensation claim.