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Local VMAs differ in size, age and composition, but their objectives are similar. By being involved in one of California’s 32 local VMA, veterinarians network with peers, benefit from peer review committees, influence local legislation and regulations, and participate in the local organization.

At the local VMA meetings, you get the chance to discuss issues of common interest, cultivate and share ideas, expand knowledge and learn from others’ successes. You’ll find that you are not alone when facing issues and that together you can problem-solve.

You can also learn ways to directly serve the community you live in, such as by participating in rabies vaccination clinics, spay/neuter drives, community education, and local career days. Your local VMA makes it easy for you to get involved in your community by providing the venues for these activities.

Belonging to VMAs can also sharpen your leadership skills. VMAs typically encourage members to join committees such Membership, Ethics and Professional Conduct, Budget & Finance, and Continuing Education. Being involved with one of these committees increases collaborative skills and improves inter-personal communication.

In California, each local VMA sends delegates to the CVMA House of Delegates. Your local VMA membership allows you to advocate in both local and state arenas for veterinary professionals, your clients, and your animal patients.

Call your local VMA today and get more information about joining! Contact information can be viewed on the CVMA website in the Resources, Allied Organizations, Veterinary Medical Associations, Local Veterinary Associations section.

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