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The CVMA is pleased to offer its Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVMA CVA) program to California veterinary hospitals, high schools, regional occupational programs, and technical colleges.

The CVMA CVA program emphasizes basic training and skills in a variety of areas, including medical care, client communication and practice safety through online learning and experience in the practice. Students in the program acquire their online education along with in-hospital practical experience and skills assessment under the supervision of licensed veterinarians and RVTs who serve as mentors and program advisors before they go on to take their final examination for certification.

– High-quality training on a flexible schedule.
– Improved patient care.
– Staff members obtain access to the CVMA CVA curriculum and more than 1,000 training videos from ACT in both English and Spanish closed captioning.
– Interactive format allows mentors to easily track the progress of veterinary assistants.
– Multiple staff members can enroll in the program at the same time, each working at their own pace. And once certified they can go on to the Level II curriculum.
– Reduced turnover by creating career opportunities, not just jobs.

“The CVA program definitely acted as a stepping stone for me obtaining my RVT license. I believe that every RVT must first learn to be a great tech assistant. I have experienced firsthand those RVTs that get their license before perfecting the “art” of being a good assistant and it shows. The CVA program emphasizes that.Grace Jayne, CVMA CVA, RVT

“The CVMA program has certainly been a good career investment. It has increased my awareness of what goes on in the clinic and made me appreciate the art of veterinary medicine further. I am glad that my clinic invested in this program for me. The quality of the program met my expectations. It was thorough and I felt it covered nearly all day-to-day situations encountered in a small animal veterinary clinic. The training provided by my mentor has helped me acquire new skills-sets. I was even able to participate in procedures we don’t normally perform at our facility. The format, consisting of videos that you can watch at your own pace and on your own time was extremely appealing and made participation in the program possible. I am now exploring career options that include RVT programs.” –Elias Zuniga, The Family Vet, Long Beach.  

“I would highly recommend this program to any practice that is looking for well-trained assistants. This is an excellent program that any hospital staff member would be proud to achieve. Our CVAs feel appreciated and proud to be Certified Veterinary Assistants. The clients recognize their accomplishments and give that much more trust in them to care for their pets. Earning the CVA title has led the way for them to move on to greater accomplishments such as becoming a registered veterinary technician.” –Angie Ziegler, Practice Manager, RVT, Laguna Hills Animal Hospital

“The CVA program has been an asset to my employees. It has been a great team builder and has encouraged them to participate in continuing education and become a part of organized veterinary medicine.”  –Monica Revel, DVM, Owner, West Hollywood Animal Hospital 

 “The CVA program has given our new and current staff the chance to prove the skills and knowledge they have learned are useful and valuable. It gives us a method of expediting our training and supporting our staff in their quest for improvement. Everyone benefits from the CVA program, the clients, the patients, the practice owners and the rest of the team, as well as the employee.” –Raj Singh, DVM, Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic

 “For new tech assistants entering this field, sometimes the RVT seems so far away, but the CVA program makes it so they can have the drive to accomplish their credentials. It really is a win-win for everyone. The staff becomes better assets to their employers and they have more confidence in themselves. I believe in the CVA program.” –Alyson M. Evans, CVMA CVA, RVT

“I felt the CVMA CVA curriculum was of a high standard hospital. I love that it was at your own pace. I learned a bit of new information from each unit. I am branching into management and participated in the program because we are encouraging our staff to complete the program as well. I look forward to utilizing this and the ACT program as a training tool for our hospital employees. It has increased my knowledge base as a manager and trainer. I enjoyed the program. It was very user friendly, great information and a high standard.”  –Amy Schneider, CVMA CVA, Trinity Animal Hospital

 It was a good program. I have been in the veterinary field for a long time, so I felt like it was fairly basic. But good training for new hires. I very much liked being able to do the program anytime, anywhere. Especially enjoyed sections on dog/cat breeds, surgical instruments, and animal-client bond.”  Emma Rademaker, CVMA CVA, Trinity Animal Hospital

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