CVMA Certified Veterinary Assistant RVT School Program


CVMA CVA RVT School Program

The CVMA is pleased to now offer its Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVMA CVA) program to accredited Registered Veterinary Technician programs in California.
The CVMA established the CVMA CVA program in order to provide veterinary practitioners more qualified, more professional, more productive employees in the traditionally entry-level positions of the veterinary support staff. Initially offered as an in-hospital training program, but now CVMA CVA is also being offered to RVT programs with faculty members who serve as mentors and program advisors.
The CVMA CVA program emphasizes basic training and skills in a variety of areas, including medical care, client communication and practice safety through online learning and experience in the practice. Many RVT programs have found that the CVMA CVA program compliments their curriculum, aids in teaching, and provides enrolled students with an additional certificate upon completing the program.
The CVMA CVA Committee oversees the program. This online program was created uniquely for the CVMA by Animal Care Technologies (ACT).  Exam questions were written by CVMA committee RVT and DVM members and reviewed by the CVMA RVT Committee.
With the CVMA CVA program, participants increase their knowledge through four components: online education materials, practical experience, evaluation (skills assessments), and a written examination.
Education  Complete, with a passing grade, a minimum of nine months or two semesters of an approved high school or adult learning curriculum designed to prepare students for employment in the animal care industry.  Applicants are required to view more than 140 videos and documents. Participants learn medical terminology, breed identification, how to give medications, proper lifting and restraining techniques, how to safely handle chemicals – and a lot more.
Experience  The experience required to complete the AVMA approved RVT program will meet the experience requirement for the CVMA CVA program.
Evaluation  Mentors will evaluate the applicant’s ability to accomplish 100 skills from these areas of the task list:
  • Communication and Client Relations
  • Office Procedures and Medical Terminology
  • Animal Identification
  • Animal Restraint
  • Safety Concerns and Cleanliness
  • Auxiliary Skills
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • Laboratory Procedures
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Veterinary Dentistry
  • Surgical Preparation and Assisting
Examination  To become certified for two years, upon completion of the experience and education components and verification of this by ACT, applicants must pass a certification exam.  The online exam consists of 100 randomly generated questions. The applicant will have a two-hour time limit to complete the exam and must score 75% or higher.
Maintaining CVMA CVA Certification
After becoming certified, CVMA CVA certificate holders may renew their certification by completing ten hours of continuing education from an approved provider list and pay a certificate renewal fee.
CVMA CVA Program General Requirements
  • Applicant must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Practice, in conjunction with the school must designate a California-licensed DVM or RVT mentor.
  • Renewal Program – 10 hours of continuing education units are required every two years after certification.
Program Fees The CVMA CVA program is affordable and efficient. For pricing and all other questions, schools can contact: Kyle Rodrigues Animal Care Technologies 800-357-3182, ext 206 940-220-0306 direct

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