Interactive CE Clarification


COVID-19 has brought about an increase in the number of online veterinary CE sessions. CE is now being offered in both live and recorded sessions, causing confusion among California veterinarians and RVTs. 

The CVMA has received questions as to what qualifies for live/interactive continuing education courses versus self-study courses in California. We contacted the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) directly to clarify the status of recorded CE sessions for purposes of veterinarian license renewal and registered veterinary technician permit renewal in California. 

Specifically, we asked the Veterinary Medical Board to comment on current CE offerings whereby continuing education providers are pre-recording CE sessions and then having the instructor available for questions outside of the instructional period. The VMB clarified that if the course participant cannot ask questions while the course is being presented, it would appear to be a self-study course, regardless of the ability to ask questions after the pre-recorded section. Thus, pre-recorded courses offering Q&A after the recording cannot be considered anything other than self-study.

For more information about continuing education click here, or visit the VMB continuing education webpage. Click here to contact the Veterinary Medical Board.

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