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The CVMA-PAC is a bipartisan political action committee whose purpose is to educate state legislators and candidates on issues of importance to the veterinary profession. A strong CVMA-PAC allows the CVMA the opportunity to share our message with legislators, build relationships, and preserve the high quality of veterinary medicine.

The CVMA-PAC is overseen by a board of veterinarians who focus on the goals of the California Veterinary Medical Association and assist in its mission of serving its membership and community through innovative leadership, and to improving animal and human health in an ethically and socially responsible manner.

The CVMA-PAC Is More Important Than Ever

More than 2/3rds of the California Legislature consists of Assembly members and Senators that were elected in 2012 and 2014, who, under the new term limits law, will be serving until 2024 or 2026.   That “two-thirds” number represents a tremendous amount of new members who will need to be educated on the issues relative to veterinary medicine.

How the CVMA-PAC Works

The CVMA-PAC is “by veterinarians, for veterinarians.” Your CVMA colleagues serve on the PAC board with the responsibility of preserving the financial viability of the CVMA-PAC, approving all PAC expenditures, and establishing grass roots outreach methods in legislator districts.


  • Supports state legislators who are supportive of the veterinary profession.
  • Allows veterinary professionals to magnify their individual voices.
  • Helps CVMA build relationships with legislators in their districts through grass roots outreach.
  • Provides a bipartisan means for the CVMA and our lobbyists to advocate for the veterinary profession and animals.

The Local Connection

CVMA members might be surprised to learn how many local connections we discover exist between veterinarians and the candidates or new legislators in office. Many of you are friends and neighbors to several of the current legislators, which is abundantly helpful to CVMA’s effort of building relationships and establishing “Key Members” in each legislative district. In addition to CVMA’s participation in many Sacramento fundraiser events, we want to also encourage our members to attend local “district” fundraisers for candidates and incumbents and serve as “CVMA Key Members.” District fundraising events are an opportunity to meet the Assembly member or Senator and most likely, other local officials and business leaders in a casual environment. A healthy CVMA-PAC makes participation in these events possible for you and your colleagues. (Please contact the CVMA staff at if you would like to attend a local fundraising event for a legislator in your community.)

Contribute to the CVMA-PACPAC_Button

A financially strong PAC is a critical component to maintaining a strong and healthy profession. Any individual can contribute to the PAC. The PAC exists solely because of member donations. No contribution level is too small, and any financial annual commitment is appreciated. Contributors are featured in the California Veterinarian magazine.

All of the California medical professions have PAC committees, as our highly technical fields collectively understand the importance of getting to know legislators better. Each one of us has a very valuable role to play in the political process in Sacramento.

CVMA-PAC contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for state or  federal income tax purposes.

Two ways to contribute:

CVMA Legislative Successes

  • Helped to stop legislation that would have created a sales tax on veterinary services,
  • Defeated recent legislation that would have allowed laypersons to use a dental scaler on animals without veterinary supervision,
  • Passed landmark legislation that ensured statewide uniformity of standards for medical professionals. It codified that the boards and bureaus overseen by the Department of Consumer Affairs have the ultimate authority over medical scope of practice issues and would not allow cities and counties to pass ordinances to ban medical procedures.
  • Retained the authority for RVTs and veterinary assistants to administer controlled substances to a patient under the direct order and control of a veterinarian.

Ensuring CVMA Remains “At the Table”

The CVMA is anticipating an extremely active legislative session, and in order to ensure that the CVMA remains “at the table” on big issues, your participation in the CVMA-PAC is more important than ever. Remember, this isn’t about your politics…this is about your profession. Thank you for your support.

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