Minimum Standards of Practice – Teeth Cleaning

VMB Passes Regulations Prohibiting Use of Scalers by Unlicensed Persons

The California Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) voted on changes to the minimum standards of practice, including strengthening the language in the existing regulations that prohibit the use of a scaler by unlicensed persons, at its meeting on October 17, 2011. This will help with stronger enforcement against unlicensed persons who are using scalers illegally. The CVMA submitted a letter to the VMB prior to the meeting, supporting this regulatory change, and attended the meeting to provide further input.

Attending the meeting to represent CVMA members were CVMA executive director Valerie Fenstermaker, CVMA assistant executive director Dr. Dan Segna, and CVMA board member-at-large Dr. Ron Kelpe. Ms. Fenstermaker stated the CVMA’s support position during the comment period and called particular attention to the change in Section 2037 that clarified the use of a dental scaler as part of a “Dental Operation”. She noted that this clarification would assist the VMB in stopping illegal activity by unlicensed teeth cleaners, not under the supervision of a veterinarian, who have continued to use scalers for many years.

Dr. Bill Grant II, chair of the Multidisciplinary Committee, reviewed each line item of the changes to the Minimum Standards of Practice with the Board. After discussion, amendments were included in some sections of the proposed language. The VMB passed the entire regulatory package as amended.

2030. Minimum Standards. Fixed Veterinary Premises

CVMA Letter of Support

October 17, 2011

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