2011 Award Winners

The CVMA honors individuals and organizations who make significant contributions to veterinary medicine and/or the human-animal bond at the Pacific Veterinary Conference. The latest inductee into the California Animal Hall of Fame is also recognized.

Congratulations to the CVMA 2011 award winners! They illustrate the very best of the veterinary profession in California and the human-animal bond. Each winner was honored with a special presentation during the Gala Awards Celebration on July 1 in Anaheim. 


JimPeddie2010James F. Peddie, DVM

Dr. Peddie graduated from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1965 and has been a CVMA member since 1966. Over a long career he has shown that there are many career opportunities in veterinary medicine. His special fields of interest are anesthesia and surgery of all species, exotic animal medicine, and business management.

After serving in the U.S. Army, he and his wife, fellow veterinarian Dr. Linda Reeve Peddie, joined a mixed practice in 1968. After 24 years, he sold his interest in the Conejo Valley Veterinary Clinic in Thousand Oaks – by then one of the nation’s largest – to focus more on teaching. In 1977 Dr. Peddie joined the faculty of the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College. He was an instructor and staff veterinarian there until he retired in 2004. He and his wife also owned their own practice, “Dr. Peddie,” working exclusively with animals of all species in the movie and television industry. They worked for Universal Studios, MGM, Disney, Universal, Paramount, and smaller studios.

His participation in the CVMA, Santa Barbara-Ventura VMA, and the AVMA had positive and strong influences on each group. He served on the CVMA Board of Governors in the 1980s. His knowledge of business and finances led to his becoming treasurer of the CVMA from 1991 to 1999. Dr. Peddie served as treasurer of the California Veterinary Medical Foundation from 1995 to 1999 and treasurer of the AVMA from 1999 to 2005. Dr. Peddie was chair of the CVMA’s Finance Committee from 1988 to 1999, and served on the Long Range Planning Committee, Mandatory CE Task Force, and Western University Task Force. Dr. Peddie served as the CVMA’s delegate to the AVMA and president of the Santa Barbara-Ventura VMA.

Dr. Peddie was one of the founders of the Society of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine. In 2003 he received the CVMA’s Distinguished Life Member Award.  The CVMA is pleased to honor Dr. Peddie on his lifetime of contributions to the veterinary community as a veterinarian, leader, mentor and businessman.


Bennie I. Osburn, DVMOsburn2010

At UC Davis, Dr. Osburn has been one of the longest-serving veterinary school deans and has been a tireless advocate for the profession, for veterinary education and for organized veterinary medicine. During his term as dean, UC Davis has expanded the number of students graduating and the number of residents in training. Centers of Excellence have been created in comparative medicine, wildlife health, One Health, vector borne disease, companion animal health, food safety, and other areas. Dr. Osburn’s dedication to the CVMA has been unique and extraordinary. He has been a regular attendee at the House of Delegates and Board of Governors meetings, where he presents a full report from the veterinary school at UC Davis and offers his valuable perspective on issues of the day. Dr. Osburn is a great resource for the CVMA, bringing not only his own insights on veterinary issues, but also sharing the perspectives of the many associations and organizations to which he belongs.


VickyOgrain2010Ms. Vicky Ograin, MBA, RVT

Ms. Ograin serves as a mentor for California RVTs. Since 2007 she has been the CVMA technician session co-chair for the Pacific Veterinary Conference. She served on two technician school boards, Pierce College and Cal Poly Pomona, and taught at a veterinary assistant school. Ms. Ograin has been a member of the CVMA RVT Committee since 2009, has been an RVT representative for the CVMA House of Delegates, and also was a member of the CVMA RVT Task Force. She received her RVT certification in 1983 and worked in private practice at Sherman Oaks Veterinary Group until 2001, eventually becoming head technician. Ms. Ograin cares about her colleague RVTs and works to make it possible for them to advance their veterinary medical knowledge so that the best possible outcome for animals can be achieved.


Richard G. Johnson, DVMRichardJohnson2010

Dr. Johnson has spent over 25 years supporting, educating, and promoting RVTs. In his practice, the Animal Medical Center (AMC) in El Cajon, RVTs are valuable team members. At AMC, he hired a DVM educator and paid expenses for 10 students so they could become RVTs. He has served on California Veterinary Medical Board’s Multidisciplinary Advisory and RVT Committees, where he has been a strong advocate for the RVT profession. At San Diego Mesa College, Dr. Johnson has nurtured a long and beneficial relationship between the RVT training program and his hospital as a regular guest lecturer and also by donating time as a guest surgeon in the college’s wet labs. He has spent countless hours working with students teaching clinical skills, anesthesia, surgical assisting and instrumentation. Dr. Johnson also made his hospital available as a teaching site when the college’s students needed to do their externships.


JackieHobie2010Jackie Hobe

For 45 years, Jackie Hobe has been an unrelenting advocate for lost, abused, and homeless dogs in the Nipomo area. Ms. Hobe has reunited countless lost dogs with their owners. She has crawled into culverts and tracked dogs for hours to bring them to “Hobe’s Pet Camp,” a dozen kennels in her backyard where she temporarily houses the dogs she rescues. For those dogs where no owner is located – and Ms. Hobe uses her own microchip scanner on the dogs, among other efforts, before deciding they are homeless – she fosters the dogs, has them spayed or neutered, and finds appropriate, loving homes for them. Ms. Hobe has devoted her life to saving defenseless dogs in the Nipomo area from abusive or homeless situations, at her personal time and expense.

Scott Weldy, DVMWeldy2010

If Noah needed a veterinarian on board the ark, Dr. Weldy could have been that veterinarian. Besides taking care of pets in his small animal practice, Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital in Lake Forest, he provides veterinary services for the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound in Rosamond, and the Orange County Bird of Prey Center, where he rehabilitates and releases hundreds of raptors a year. Dr. Weldy is also on call to five local area animal control agencies, wildlife biologists, and state Fish and Game officers to assist with injured wildlife. He serves as the veterinarian on record for several zoos and wildlife/rehabilitation centers. Dr. Weldy shares his expertise with colleagues, staff, senior veterinary students, and the public. There is a constant stream of students on rotations through his hospital, including veterinary students from UC Davis and Western University, pre-veterinary students from various colleges, and Regional Occupational Program students from area high schools. Dr. Weldy is making extraordinary


The CVMA’s California Animal Hall of Fame, created in 1990, celebrates the companion and working animals of California and the veterinarians who care for them. The winning animal’s care provider is recognized at the Pacific Veterinary Conference as well.

2011 Inductee: Ellie MaeEllieMae2010

Bloodhound – Search Dog
Owners: Landa Coldiron
Sun Valley, CA

Veterinary Sponsor: Mark Hohne, DVM
East Valley Veterinary Clinic, Sun Valley, CA

Ellie Mae is a bloodhound who has been trained and certified to track the scent of lost animals. Working with her handler, Landa Coldiron, she has located hundreds of lost pets over the past six years. Ellie Mae was trained for 18 months by Ms. Coldiron, starting at 10 weeks of age, before being certified by the Missing Pet Partnership. She has worked in extreme temperatures and under difficult conditions to locate missing cats and dogs. Ellie Mae starts on the trail, narrowing down the direction of travel, so frantic owners know where to concentrate their search efforts. She is trained to let her handler know that the cat or dog went through a gate or over a fence. It is very difficult work. Elie Mae is smart and devoted to her work. She has given closure to families that would have never known what happened to their beloved pets without her.

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