Distinguished Life Membership Winners

2018 Inductee

Jon Klingborg, DVM

Dr. Jon Klingborg has served the CVMA for 23 years with membership in 30 different committees, task forces, and boards. While serving on the CVMA Agriculture Committee, he became a delegate to the CVMA House of Delegates, then was elected to the CVMA Board of Governors, and was eventually elected CVMA president and served in this capacity from 2004 to 2005.

Dr. Klingborg has been extremely active on many CVMA committees including the Agriculture, Public Relations, Human-Animal Bond, Finance, Legislative, and Political Action Committees. His involvement with CVMA task forces includes the Veterinary Economics, Dues, Mentoring, Animal Welfare, Physical Therapy, Restructuring, Animal Rehabilitation, Sunset Review, Eight Principles, and Premises Task Forces.

As part of the CVMA Legislative Committee for many years and its chair for nine, Dr. Klingborg was prepared for every meeting; and was knowledgeable of each bill, its updates, and its sponsor’s agenda. As Dr. Richard Sullivan explained, “His knowledge of the political process and how the CVMA fits into that process, is impressive.”

Dr. Klingborg is also a member of the California Veterinary Medical Board’s Multidisciplinary Committee (MDC) and has been its chair for the last two years. In this regulatory capacity, the MDC has had to address some very serious and difficult issues such as animal physical rehabilitation and minimum standards of practice, as well as others that are important to the CVMA, its members, and the veterinary profession.

The efforts of Dr. Klingborg reflect a dedication that exemplifies a lifelong involvement in a profession that he takes pride in.

2017 Inductee

Dan Segna, DVM

Dr. Dan Segna worked at the CVMA for 22 years until his retirement in 2016. Prior to becoming the CVMA’s Assistant Executive Director, he served as its Director of Computer Information Services, Director of Web Services, and Director of Membership.

Dr. Segna has been extremely active in all aspects of the Pacific Veterinary Conference and has been instrumental in the selection of high-quality CE for the conference as well as the CVMA’s fall and spring seminars. He has participated in many committees and task forces over the years including the Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Leadership Development, and Registered Veterinary Technician Committees and Economic, Animal Rehabilitation, and Governance task forces. He continues to be involved with the Legislative Committee and Premises Task Force.

Dr. Segna’s thorough knowledge of the Practice Act and regulations (including their history) made him a great asset especially at Veterinary Medical Board and Multidisciplinary Committee meetings. His ability to speak to the issue of the day with respect and understanding enabled him to represent the profession with class. He has tirelessly advocated for all CVMA members as well as the important issues that affect the veterinary profession. As CVMA President Dr. Ken Pawlowski explains, he “never had any doubt that [Dr. Segna] was always looking out for what was in the best interest of veterinary medicine and that this profession is stronger today because of his involvement.”

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