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Compliance Corner

Common Medical Record Deficiencies – Jan/Feb
The Cannabis Question – Mar/Apr
CalEPA Requirements for Veterinary Practices – May/June
Agencies that Oversee Veterinary Practices – July/Aug
Written Harassment and Discrimination Policies – Sept/Oct

Continuing Education

Spring Seminar in Yosemite – Jan/Feb; Sept/Oct
Pacific Veterinary Conference – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug; Sept/Oct
Fall Seminar in Lake Tahoe – Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug; Sept/Oct
Join us at PacVet 2017 – May/June
California Licensing Curriculum – May/June; July/Aug
CVMA Webinar – The Buzz About Bees – Sept/Oct
CAVMRC – Earn Valuable CE and Prepare for When Disaster Strikes – Sept/Oct

 CVMA News

CVMA Board of Governors Openings – Jan/Feb
My Don Low Fellowship Experience – Jan/Feb
Apply for a Don Low/CVMA Practitioner Fellowship – Jan/Feb
Forward Booking – Jan/Feb
CVMA Economic Issues Survey Part 2 – Jan/Feb
Wellness Rick Factor Study Finds Positive Correlation to VMA Membership – Jan/Feb
2017 CVMA Leadership Forum Sparks Interesting Topic Discussions – Mar/Apr
CVMA Economic Issues Survey – Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug
Meet our 2017 CVMA Award Recipients! – May/June
Meet the President – Dr. Kevin Lazarcheff – July/Aug
CVMA Board of Governors and Officers – July/Aug
The CVMA 2017 CVMA Awards and Installation Ceremony – July/Aug
CVMF/VISC and CVMF Ron Faoro, DVM Student Scholarships Awarded – July/Aug
Summary of Proposed CVMA Constitution and Bylaws Changes (April 2017) – July/Aug
Nominate an Amazing Colleague or a Special Animal for a CVMA Award – Sept/Oct

First Year Veterinarian

Dr. Jamie Peisel, Part 4 – Jan/Feb
Dr. Jamie Peisel, Part 5 – Mar/Apr
Dr. Jamie Peisel, Part 6 – May/June
Dr. Brittany Newtown, Part 1 – July/Aug
Dr. Brittany Newtown, Part 2 – Sept/Oct


Claims Costs Containment Part 1 – The Employer is the Front Line of Claims Cost – Jan/Feb
Claims Cost Containment Part 2 – Incident Investigations – Mar/Apr
Veterinary Insurance Services Company’s Workers’ Compensation Coverage – Tailored to the Needs of the Veterinary Profession – Mar/Apr
Claims Cost Containment Part 3 – Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – May/June
The CVMA Insurance Program and VISC – Your CVMA Member Benefit – May/June
Claims Cost Containment Part 4 – Avoiding Litigation: What Can You Do? – July/Aug
Is Your Insurance Advisor Looking Out of Your Best Interest? – July/Aug
What can I do during the Open Enrollment Period for 2018? – Sept/Oct
Bite and Scratch Wounds and Injury Treatment Protocols – Sept/Oct

Legal Services

No Good Deed: The Pitfalls of Internships and Externships – Jan/Feb
Practical Advice When Faced with VMB Action – Mar/Apr
Navigating Employee Classifications: Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Employees – May/June
Overtime Issues? What’s a Good Alternative? – Sept/Oct

Legislative and Regulatory News

CVMA PAC Turns 40! – Jan/Feb
CVMA-PAC 40 Years of Impact – Mar/Apr; May/June
VMB to Debate Allowing Physical Therapists to Open Animal Rehabilitation Practices – Mar/Apr
Veterinary Medical Board Update – Mar/Apr; May/June; Sept/Oct
CVMA at the Capitol 2017 – May/June; July/Aug
2017 Legislative Day – May/June
CVMA Update on Compounding – May/June
California Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) Regulation Changes – May/June
Many Thanks to Our CVMA-PAC Contributors! – July/Aug
Let’s Celebrate the CVMA’s Political Action Committee’s Anniversary – Sept/Oct
CVMA Regulatory Compliance Products – Sept/Oct

Member News

CVMA Remembers – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; July/Aug; Sept/Oct
Welcome New Members! – Jan/Feb; May/June; Sept/Oct
Infintech – Payment Processing That Transforms Your Business – May/June
Member Benefit – The CVMA Guide to Cal/OSHA Compliance – July/Aug
New Member Benefit: Payality Your Payroll Service and Workforce Solution – Sept/Oct
My Don Low/CVMA Practitioner Fellowship Experience, by Megan Hanken, DVM – Sept/Oct

Member Profiles

Dr. Kevin Terra: Growing Up Veterinary – Jan/Feb
Dr. Bridget Holden: Finding Her Niche – Mar/Apr
Dr. Adam Lauppe: Always Refining Communications – May/June
Dr. John Shaner: Focused on Goals – July/Aug
Dr. Max Hibi: An Advocate for the Profession – Sept/Oct

RVT News

Hard to Heal Wounds – Jan/Feb
Complications of IV Infusions and Medications – Mar/Apr
Dentistry – Keys to Success – May/June
Feline Dental Radiographs Made Easy – July/Aug
Meet the Education Representative for the CVMA RVT Committee – Sept/Oct
National Veterinary Technician Week is October 15-21 – Sept/Oct
The RVT Committee Welcomes New Committee Chair Leslie Peek, RVT – Sept/Oct

Science/Public Health

Going in Circles: Why Sound Horses Look Lame and Lame Horses Look Sound – Jan/Feb
Dual Viral Infections Involving Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in Cattle – Jan/Feb
Osteoarthritis in Birds: No, They Aren’t “Just” Getting Older – Mar/Apr
What’s the Buzz About Bees and Antibiotics? – Mar/Apr
2017 List of Reportable Conditions for Animals and Animal Products – Mar/Apr
Now How Do We Turn Off This Spigot? (Diagnosing and Treating Canine Incontinence) – May/June
Atypical Addison’s: Unmasking the Great Pretender – May/June
Antibiotic Use in California Livestock: SB 27 Changes Starting January 1, 2018 – July/Aug
Skinny Old Cats – An Update – July/Aug
Harmful Algal Blooms – July/Aug
Senecavirus A Infections in Swine – Sept/Oct

Student News

Your CVMA Student Representatives – Jan/Feb
CVMF/VISC Student Scholarship Award Applications Available – Jan/Feb
The CVMF is Pleased to Announce That Applications Are Now Being Accepted for Two Scholarship Programs – Mar/Apr
Another Successful Bandaging Lab at UC Davis – May/June
California Veterinary School Seniors Honored at Awards Ceremonies – July/Aug
The CVMA Welcomes the DVM class of 2021 Freshmen – Sept/Oct

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine News

Addressing Student Debt – Jan/Feb
Center for Companion Animal Health Celebrates 25th Anniversary – Mar/Apr
Class of 2017 – May/June
State of the School of UC Davis – July/Aug
Training the Next Generation of Food Animal Veterinarians – Sept/Oct

Western University College of Veterinary Medicine News

WesternU’s A Tribute to Caring Honors VCA – Jan/Feb
Sharing Our Heritage – Mar/Apr
Class of 2017 – May/June
College of Veterinary Medicine Launches a Teaching Academy – July/Aug
Two Student Clubs = 70 Healthier Homeless Cats – Sept/Oct

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