California Veterinarian 2020 Index

Compliance Corner

Veterinary Assistant Controlled Substance Permit Q&A – Jan/Feb

Continuing Education

Spring Seminar in Yosemite – Jan/Feb
CAVMRC Training Class – Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr
Pacific Veterinary Conference in San Francisco – Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr
CVMA Online Seminars – Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/June
Fall Seminar in Palm Springs – Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/June
PacVet Live 2020 – May/June
California Licensing Curriculum – Mar/Apr, May/June


CVMA Board of Governors Openings – Jan/Feb
Apply for a 2020 Donald G. Low/CVMA Practitioner Fellowship Experience: Dr. Angele Sumpter – Jan/Feb
Apply Today for a 2020 Donald G. Low/CVMA Practitioner Fellowship! – Jan/Feb
CVMA Economic Issues Survey – Part 2 – Jan/Feb
Now is the Time to Join the CVMA or Renew Your Membership – May/June
The CVMA – Your COVID-19 Resource – May/June

First Year Veterinarian

Dr. Jacob Merryman, Forgiveness – Jan/Feb


It’s Not the Fall That Hurts – Jan/Feb
California Wildfires – The New Reality – Jan/Feb
VISC in the Time of Coronavirus: A Personal Reflection – May/June

Legal News

Sexual Harassment and Abusive Behavior Training Requirements Expand Significantly – Mar/Apr

Legislative and Regulatory News

The CVMA Political Action Committee – Your Investment in Your Profession – Jan/Feb
2020 Legislative Update – Mar/Apr, May/June
CVMA Regulatory Compliance Products – May/June
Drug Compounding in Veterinary Medicine – May/June

Member Profiles

Michael Karle, DVM – Jan/Feb
Shari O’Neill, DVM – Mar/Apr
Julia Lewis, DVM – May/June

RVT News

Cannabinoids in Veterinary Medicine: A PacVet Sneak Peek – Jan/Feb

Science/Public Health

Mitigating Pandemic Pandemonium: African Swine Fever Enhanced Surveillance and Prevention Updates – Jan/Feb
Nails Are a Real Pain – Jan/Feb

Student News

Meet Your Student Representatives – Jan/Feb
Student Scholarship Award Applications are Available February 1, 2020 – Jan/Feb

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine News

Building Veterinary Business Skills – Jan/Feb
UC Davis and WesternU Students Present Their Research at PacVet 2020 in San Francisco – Mar/Apr
Hope While the World Burns – Mar/Apr

Western University College of Veterinary Medicine News

WesternU Embraces One Health – Jan/Feb
UC Davis and WesternU Students Present Their Research at PacVet 2020 in San Francisco – Mar/Apr
WesternU College of Veterinary Medicine Student Services as National Officer – Mar/Apr

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License and Permit Delays

The California Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) has reported that applicants will experience delays in obtaining licenses due to a significant...


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