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Compliance Corner

Who Can Administer Rabies Vaccines in Veterinary Practices? – Jan/Feb
Required Public Notices in Veterinary Practices – Mar/Apr
Controlled Substance Prescriptions in California – May/June
Avoid Turbulence by Understanding Airline Acclimation Certificates – July/Aug
Mediation Agreements and Anti-Reporting Clauses Are Unlawful – Sept/Oct
Veterinarians, Prescriptions, and Pharmacies – Nov/Dec

Continuing Education

Pacific Veterinary Conference – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; Nov/Dec
California Licensing Curriculum (CLC) – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug; Sept/Oct
Fall Seminar in Palm Springs – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug; Sept/Oct
CVMA Online Seminars Offered – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug; Sept/Oct; Nov/Dec
CVMA Online Seminars: CE You Need, When You Want It, and Where You Want It – Mar/Apr; May/June
PacVet 2018 in San Francisco – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr
Another Spring Seminar in the Books! – May/June
Check Out This Year’s PacVet Conference! – July/Aug
The 2018 CVMA Gala Awards and Installation Ceremony – July/Aug
CAVMRC Fall Disaster Response and Preparedness Training Course – Sept/Oct
Spring Seminar in Yosemite, March 1-3, 2019 – Sept/Oct; Nov/Dec
2018 CVMA Fall Seminar in Downtown Palm Springs – Nov/Dec

 CVMA News

CVMA Board of Governors Openings – Jan/Feb
My Don Low Fellowship Experience – Jan/Feb; Sept/Oct
Make the CVMA a Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions – Jan/Feb
2018 CVMA Leadership Forum in Costa Mesa Delves into Pertinent Issues – Mar/Apr
The 2018 CVMA Awards – May/June
Introducing the CVMA Member App – May/June
Meet the President, Diane Craig, DVM – July/Aug
2018-2019 CVMA Board of Governors – July/Aug
New CVMA Officers and Board Members Installed – July/Aug
Summary of Proposed CVMA Constitution and Bylaws Changes April 2018 – July/Aug
Your Donations to the CVMF Make a Difference – Sept/Oct
Call for 2019 CVMA Award Nominees! – Sept/Oct
CVMA Members Appointed to AVMA Leadership and Council Positions – Sept/Oct
CVMA Members sought for 2019 AVMA Council and Committee Positions – Nov/Dec
Donate to the CVMF This Holiday Season – Nov/Dec
Congratulations to Recipients of Don Low/CVMA Practitioner Fellowships! – Nov/Dec
Nominate an Amazing Colleague or a Special Animal for a CVMA Award! – Nov/Dec
CVMA Board of Governors and House of Delegates Representatives – Nov/Dec
Treasurer’s Report – Nov/Dec
Summary of Proposed CVMA Constitution and Bylaw Changes – October 2018 – Nov/Dec

First Year Veterinarian

Dr. Brittany Newtown, Part 4, Thankful and Hopeful – Jan/Feb
Dr. Brittany Newtown, Part 5, Learning from Difficult Experiences – Mar/Apr
Dr. Brittany Newtown, Part 6, Internship Lessons for Life – May/June
Dr. Roxana Bordbar, Part 1, Ready for My Veterinary Career to Begin – July/Aug
Dr. Roxana Bordbar, Part 2, Living My Dream – Sept/Oct
Dr. Roxana Bordbar, Part 3, Gaining Confidence Every Day – Nov/Dec


Injury Investigations: Preventing Recurrence – Jan/Feb
Wow, How Time Flies! VISC Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary – Jan/Feb
Computer Workstation Ergonomics – Mar/Apr
The Importance of a Property Inventory and Insurance – Mar/Apr
The First 10 Seconds Are Critical – May/June
Put Your Life Insurance to Work Now – May/June
What’s in My Lease? – July/Aug
Practice Profitability – Measure What You Want to Happen – July/Aug
2018 Medicare Open Enrollment – Sept/Oct
Making Safety Training Effective for Millennials – Sept/Oct
Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Who can be excluded? – Nov/Dec
Do Back Belts Reduce Back Injuries? – Nov/Dec

Legal News

If They Don’t Break, You Buy It – May/June
“I’ve Had Enough!!” (Or, When and How to Fire a Client), Part One – July/Aug
“I’ve Had Enough!!” (Or, When and How to Fire a Client), Part Two – Sept/Oct
Recordkeeping: Tedious but Oh so Important! – Nov/Dec

Legislative and Regulatory News

Thanks to Our CVMA-PAC Contributors! – Jan/Feb; July/Aug
2018 Legislative Update – Mar/Apr
Veterinary Medical Board Update – Mar/Apr; Sept/Oct
CVMA at the Capitol 2018 – May/June; July/Aug
2018 Legislative Day at the Capitol – May/June
Back Your PAC – May/June
CVMA Submits Comments on USP 795 – July/Aug
CVMA Legislative Highlights – Sept/Oct
CVMA Regulatory Compliance Products – Sept/Oct
Support Your Profession, Support Your PAC – Sept/Oct
It Isn’t Too Early to Start Making a New Year’s Resolution for Your Practice – Nov/Dec
2018 Legislative Wrap-Up – Nov/Dec
Thank-you CVMA Members – You did it! – Nov/Dec

Member News

CVMA Remembers – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug; Sept/Oct; Nov/Dec
Welcome New Members! – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug; Nov/Dec

Member Profiles

Helene Toliver, DVM: Passionate About the Profession – Jan/Feb
Sameer Trivedi, DVM: Collaboration is the Key – Jan/Feb
Brent Wooden, DVM: Enjoying the Challenges of Veterinary Medicine – Mar/Apr
Roxana Bordbar: I Am CVMA – May/June
Brenda Forsythe, Ph.D., DVM; I Am CVMA – July/Aug
Paul Wise, DVM; I Am CVMA – Sept/Oct
Aleisha Nesset, DVM; I Am CVMA – Nov/Dec

RVT News

RVT Update – Jan/Feb
Physical Rehabilitation for Puffy Cats – Mar/Apr
Fanconi Syndrome – May/June
Pacific Veterinary Conference Enjoyed by Technicians – July/Aug
National Veterinary Technician Week is October 14-20, 2018 – Sept/Oct
Technicians Invited to Earn CE and Relax in Style at the 2018 CVMA Fall Seminar in Palm Springs! – Sept/Oct
Canine Socialization – More Than Meets the Eye! – Nov/Dec

Science/Public Health

New Livestock Antibiotic Rules for California – Jan/Feb
Protecting Californians and Agriculture Through the California Secure Food Supply – Jan/Feb
Extraction of Equine Cheek Teeth and Managing Complications – Jan/Feb
Animal CSI: Developing an SOP for Handling Suspected Abuse Cases – Mar/Apr
Orthobiologics in Orthopedics: A New Approach to an Old Problem – Mar/Apr
2018 List of Reportable Conditions for Animals and Animal Products – Mar/Apr
The Role of the Veterinary Surgical Scrub Technician – May/June
Mammary Tumors in Rats – May/June
Virulent Newcastle Disease Detected in Southern California – July/Aug
ARMAR Multi-State Foot-and-Mouth Disease Exercise – July/Aug
New Cyanotoxin Resources Available for Veterinarians – July/Aug
Corneal Ulcers in Dogs – A Minor Pain or a Major Disaster? – Sept/Oct
Antimicrobial Stewardship: Public Health – Sept/Oct
CDPH Dog Bite Prevention Coloring and Activity Booklets for Kids Available – Sept/Oct
Emergency Response to Virulent Newcastle Disease Continues in Southern California – Nov/Dec
Low Pathogenicity Avian Influenza Detected in Stanislaus County – Nov/Dec
Swine Pseudorabies Virus (PRV) Incident – Nov/Dec

Student News

Applications for the CVMF/VISC and Ron Faoro DVM, Student Scholarship Awards are Available February 1, 2018 – Jan/Feb
CVMA President Dr. Kevin Lazarcheff Visits WesternU for a Full Day of Activities – Jan/Feb
Meet Student Poster Presentations at PacVet 2018 in San Francisco – Mar/Apr
Furry Fun at the UC Davis Bandaging Lab! – May/June
Congratulations 2018 CVMF Scholarship Winners! – July/Aug
WesternU and UC Davis Veterinary School Seniors Honored – July/Aug
Introducing the DVM Class of 2022 – Sept/Oct
WesternU’s Always Popular Bandaging Lab Great Fun for Students and Pets Alike – Nov/Dec
Help a Student and possibly Gain a Colleague Through SWEP – Nov/Dec

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine News

Unraveling the Genetics of Disc Disease in Dogs – Jan/Feb
Training Computers to Help Identify Equine Pain – Mar/Apr
A UC Davis State-of-the-Art Veterinary Facility in Tulare to Meed Future Needs – May/June
UC Davis Class of 2018 – May/June
State of the School 2018 – July/Aug
Equine Research Provides Path to DVM – Sept/Oct
Fish Skin Heals Burns – Nov/Dec

Western University College of Veterinary Medicine News

WesternU Celebrates Opening of East Valley Spay/Neuter Center in Van Nuys – Jan/Feb
WesternU College of Veterinary Medicine Dean Phillip Nelson Named AAVMC Board President – Mar/Apr
WesternU Class of 2018 – May/June
CVM’s New Dental Suite Has Educational and Community Missions – July/Aug
WesternU at the Forefront of Laparoscopic Training for Veterinary Students – Sept/Oct
WesternU Pet Health Center Receives Nestle Purina Donation for Nutrition Center – Nov/Dec

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