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Compliance Corner

Post-Bite Procedures for Veterinary Practices – Jan/Feb
Clarifying CURES – Mar/Apr
Spring Update – May/June
Permissible Tasks for Veterinary Staff – July/Aug
National Veterinary Accreditation Program Renewals – Sept/Oct
The Health and Safety Manager in a Veterinary Practice – Nov/Dec

Continuing Education

Don Low/CVMA Practitioner Fellowship – Jan/Feb; Nov/Dec
Spring Seminar in Yosemite – Jan/Feb; Sept/Oct; Nov/Dec
Pacific Veterinary Conference – Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; May/June; Nov/Dec
California Licensing Curriculum – Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug
Fall Seminar in Palm Springs – Mar/Apr; May/June; July/Aug; Sept/Oct
CVMA Fall Seminar Wrap-up – Nov/Dec

 CVMA News

CVMA Board of Governors Openings – Jan/Feb
My Don Low Fellowship Experience – Jan/Feb
The 2016 CVMA Leadership Forum – Mar/Apr
2016 CVMA Veterinary Economic Survey Coming Soon – May/June
Congratulations 2016 CVMA Award Recipients – May/June
Take the CVMA 2016 Economic Survey – July/Aug
Watch for the CVMA Guide to Cal/OSHA Compliance – July/Aug
PacVet 2016 in San Francisco was a Great Success! – July/Aug
Meet the President – Dr. Ken Pawlowski – July/Aug
CVMA Board of Governors and Officers – July/Aug
2016 Awards and Installation Ceremony – July/Aug
Summary of Proposed CVMA Constitution and Bylaws Changes – July/Aug
The CAVMRC: Connecting Veterinary Professionals During Disasters – Sept/Oct
CVMA InLine: Your Member Benefit – Sept/Oct
Nominate an Amazing Colleague or Special Animal for a CVMA Award! – Sept/Oct
Candidates Sought for 2017 AVMA Council Positions – Sept/Oct
CVMA Assistant Executive Director Dr. Dan Segna Retires – Nov/Dec
New CVMA Board Member for District 7 – Nov/Dec
The Deadline for the 2017 CVMA Award Nomination is December 31 – Nov/Dec
CVMA Economic Issues Survey – Nov/Dec
CVMA Treasurer’s Report – Nov/Dec

First Year Veterinarian

Dr. Brittany Lancellotti, Part 4 – Jan/Feb
Dr. Brittany Lancellotti, Part 5 – Mar/Apr
Dr. Brittany Lancellotti, Part 6 – May/June
Dr. Jamie Peisel, Part 1 – July/Aug
Dr. Jamie Peisel, Part 2 – Sept/Oct
Dr. Jamie Peisel, Part 3 – Nov/Dec


Temporary Workers: Understanding Your Liability – Jan/Feb
Preventing Injuries to Clients – Jan/Feb
Evaluating Your Injury Illness Prevention Program – Is it Effective? – Mar/Apr
Addressing Professional Liability or Veterinary Medical Board Complaints – Mar/Apr
Take Precautions When Handling Large Dogs – May/June
Have You Considered an Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan for Your Veterinary Practice? – May/June
Beware of Sharp Objects Such as Can Lids – July/Aug
CVMA and VISC Issue Broker Premium Distribution – July/Aug
VISC Presents Scholarship Awards – July/Aug
Medicare Open Enrollment Coming Soon! – July/Aug
Preventing Workplace Violence – Sept/Oct
I Bought the Policy…What Do I Do Now That I Have a Claim? – Sept/Oct
The CVMA Insurance Program is Changing – Nov/Dec
Accident Investigation and Analysis – Nov/Dec

Legal Services

Veterinary Reporting Duties – Mar/Apr

Legislative and Regulatory News

New 2016 Employee Poster Requirements – Jan/Feb
Thank you, CVMA-PAC Contributors! – Jan/Feb
New Interpretation of the 72-Hour Compounding Rule – Mar/Apr
CVMA at the Capitol – CVMA Responds to VMB Sunset Review – Mar/Apr
Veterinary Medical Board Update – Mar/Apr; May/June; Sept/Oct; Nov/Dec
CVMA Regulatory Compliance Products – Mar/Apr
2016 Legislation – May/June
CVMA at the Capitol – Legislative Update – July/Aug
Thank You CVMA-PAC Contributors – July/Aug
New Requirement: VMB to Launch the Veterinary Assistant Controlled Substance Permit Program – Sept/Oct
The New CVMA Guide to Cal/OSHA Compliance! – Sept/Oct
CVMA Regulatory Compliance Products – Sept/Oct
CVMA At the Capitol: 2016 Legislation – Nov/Dec
Cal/OSHA Guide Update – Nov/Dec

Member News

CVMA Remembers – May/June; July/Aug; Sept/Oct
Welcome New Members! – May/June; Sept/Oct

Member Profiles

Tracy Alexander, DVM: Caring to be Involved – Jan/Feb
Phil Richter, DVM: Knowledge Surfing – Mar/Feb
Peter Bowie, DVM: Always Involved – May/June
Julio Lopez, DVM: Involvement is Key – July/Aug
Jennifer Woolf, DVM: Always Looking for Answers – Sept/Oct
Jennifer Hawkins, DVM: Always Involved – Nov/Dec

RVT News

Feline Liver Disease: The Yellow Cat – Jan/Feb
Veterinary Medical Board Addresses RVT Issues and PacVet Highlights – Mar/Apr
PacVet 2016 Technician Events – May/June
RVTs and Their Role in the CVMA – May/June
Tips and Tricks from the ER – July/Aug
Another Successful Technician Fair at PacVet in San Francisco – July/Aug
Representing the CVMA – Sept/Oct
New Updates, Tips, and National Veterinary Technician Week – Sept/Oct
CVMA RVT Committee Meeting Update – Nov/Dec

Science/Public Health

Don’t Let Hyperphosphatemia be Carved Stone – Jan/Feb
2016 List of Reportable Conditions for Animals and Animal Products – Jan/Feb
Immunosuppressive Therapy: What’s New – Jan/Feb
The High Cost of Caring: Compassion Fatigue in Veterinary Medicine – Mar/Apr
Back to the Future: Backyard Chickens and “Micro Commercial” Poultry Production – Mar/Apr
2016 Equine Disease Forum Advances Equine Health – Mar/Apr
Maintaining or Improving Performance in the Mature Equine Athlete – May/June
Foreign Animal Disease Investigations – May/June
The Science of Canine Motion and Injury – July/Aug
Influenza Viruses Do Not Need Passports to Travel – July/Aug
Separating Dogs with Naturally Occurring Cushing’s Syndrome from Those Who Do Not Have the Condition – Sept/Oct
Rabies in California – Sept/Oct
Lead Toxicity and Its Effects on Animals and Animal Products – Sept/Oct
Q Fever (Coxiellosis) – Nov/Dec
MRS shat?? What the heck is all the fuss about? – Nov/Dec

Student News

Your CVMA Student Representatives – Jan/Feb
CVMF/VISC Student Scholarship Award Applications Available – Jan/Feb
CVMF/VISC Student Scholarship Award Applications Due by April 11 – Mar/Apr
Summer Jobs Available for Students via SWEP – Mar/Apr
Welcome DVM Class of 2020 Freshmen! – Sept/Oct
Bandaging Lab at WesternU is a Big Hit with Students and Pets – Sept/Oct
CVMF/VISC Scholarships Awarded – July/Aug
Awards Ceremonies Held to Honor California Veterinary Seniors – July/Aug
It’s a Wrap on the Bandaging Lab at UC Davis – July/Aug
Students Participate in 2016-2017 Vision Planning and UC Davis Career Night – Nov/Dec
Summer Work Experience Program Helps Veterinary Students – Nov/Dec

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine News

UC Davis Excels in Exotic Pet Care – Jan/Feb
UC Davis Protecting Calves on the Range – Mar/Apr
Class of 2016 – May/June
Protecting Racehorse Safety – July/Aug
Envisioning the Future – Sept/Oct
One Health for All – Nov/Dec

Western University College of Veterinary Medicine News

Panda Research in China – Jan/Feb
Therapy Dogs Help Ease Stress – Mar/Apr
Class of 2016 – May/June
CVM Alumna Part of Racing Extinction Film – July/Aug
WesternU College of Veterinary Medicine Provides Care to Neglected Animals – Sept/Oct
College of Veterinary Medicine Professor Elizabeth Boynton Receives Leadership Award – Nov/Dec

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