Human-Animal Bond

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The Human-Animal Bond

The bond between humans and their animals is extremely strong and is gaining recognition within society. Society places a high social value on animals, and medical care for pets is regarded just like medical care for any other member of the family. Owners want and ask for the very best for their pets; that’s the power of the human-animal bond. The quality of veterinary care is available today to match the demand.

Pet owners and their pets also have a very strong bond with their veterinarian. The special skills of veterinarians assist pet owners in caring for their animal family member. Your pet cannot tell the veterinarian what is wrong. Skill, training, and knowing your animal family member guides proper care and diagnosis.

When diagnosis indicates an in-depth look at a specific situation, referral to a veterinarian who has devoted herself or himself to a particular branch of study or research, a specialist, will be called upon.

In the past 30 years, the growth of veterinary specialties and the application of “high tech” medical procedures has been dramatic. Modern veterinary medicine stands at the ready to provide sophisticated treatments, such as ultrasound and MRIs. This trend has significantly increased the range of treatments and services available and improved the overall level of care. Services such as hip replacement, dental work, and radiation therapy are widely available. The CVMA includes among its membership board-certified specialists in:

• Toxicology
• Lab Animal
• Poultry
• Theriogenology
• Anesthesiology
• Preventive medicine
• Cardiology
• Oncology
• Neurology
• Pharmacology
• Behavior
• Dermatology
• Emergency & Critical Care
• Internal Medicine
• Microbiology
• Nutrition
• Opthalmology
• Pathology
• Preventive Medicine
• Radiology
• Surgery
• Zoological
• Dentistry

Visit the California Veterinary Medical Association’s website,, which is the home for an abundance of accurate and pertinent information on animal- and veterinary-related issues, including locating a CVMA-member veterinarian through “Find a Veterinarian.”

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