Constituent Association Formation Information

Constituent Association Formation Process

1)    CVMA’s Constitution and Bylaws allow for the formation of new geographic or non-geographic constituent VMAs.

2)    Forming a New Constituent Association

a)    Twenty-five CVMA members required to form a new constituent association.

i)       Petition CVMA Board of Governors in writing of intent to form new constituent association.

ii)     Twenty-five CVMA member signatures on letter(s) indicating desire to form new association.

3)    Twenty CVMA members required to continue a constituent association.

4)    House of Delegates Representation

a)    One Delegate and One Alternate Delegate for 150 CVMA members

(1)  Weighted Vote – One Vote per 15 CVMA members

b)    Two Year Terms – Three Term Maximum

5)    A CVMA member may join multiple constituent VMAs, but representation to the House of Delegates must be assigned to only one of these groups. Generally, a specific member’s vote is assigned to the local, geographic association representing the member’s address as listed in our database.

a)    CVMA members belonging to more than one constituent association must certify in writing, which association will represent them in the House of Delegates.

Note: If you wish to see a list of CVMA’s current constituent associations, please refer to the CVMA Bylaws constituent association section on our web site.

Non-Constituent Association Formation Process

The by-laws of the CVMA allow two kinds of associations to be represented. Most members come from geographical associations, but there are several that represent non-geographical “affinity” interests.

Interested members must notify the CVMA executive director of their intent to be represented in a non-geographical association.

We encourage you to maintain your membership in your local geographic veterinary medical association. A CVMA member may join multiple constituent VMAs, but representation to the CVMA House of Delegates must be assigned to only one of these groups. By returning one of the “Letters of Intent to Join” (see below) to the CVMA you will be electing to be represented by a non-geographic association in the CVMA House of Delegates.


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