Feline Fibrosarcoma Information

The following information was developed as part of an on-going study to determine how the CVMA can assist veterinarians in discussing vaccination protocols with their pet owners and possible potential risks associated with vaccinations.

In 1997, CVMA President Dr. Roger Beck appointed a special task force representing broad and national perspectives relative to vaccination protocols and vaccine-associated sarcomas in particular. Eleven feline fibrosarcoma recommendations were developed.

Included in the recommendations was the suggestion that veterinarians consider development of a form to indicate they have discussed the benefits and risks of vaccination with their clients. This form, indicating the owner’s “informed consent” for the vaccination, then becomes part of the cat’s record. Two samples of that form are available for your consideration along with an article by Dr. Duane Flemming, a member of that task force, on how to bring about an informed discussion on the subject of vaccination risks and benefits with your pet owners.

Work on this topic continues in an effort to determine and develop reliable statistical data. Informational brochures are available from AVMA and AAHA. “Vaccines and Sarcomas: A Concern for Cat Owners” can be ordered from AAHA by calling 800-252-2242 (ask for Member Services). “What You Should Know About…Vaccination” can be ordered from AVMA by calling 800-248-2862.

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