Wellness Program Sample Drug Abuse Policy Statement

S A M P L E    D R U G    A B U S E    P O L I C Y    S T A T E M E N T




(Company Name) is committed to providing a safe work environment and to fostering the well-being and health of its employees. That commitment is jeopardized when any (Company Name) employee illegally uses drugs and/or alcohol on the job, comes to work under their influence, or possesses, distributes or sells drugs in the workplace. Therefore, (Company Name) has established the following policy:

  1. It is a violation of company policy for any employee to possess, sell, trade, or offer for sale illegal drugs or otherwise engage in the illegal use of drugs on the job.
  2. It is a violation of company policy for anyone to report to work under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol.
  3. It is a violation of the company policy for anyone to use prescription drugs illegally. (However, nothing in this policy precludes the appropriate use of legally prescribed medications.)
  4. Violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

It is the responsibility of the company supervisors to counsel employees whenever they see changes in performance or behavior that suggest an employee has a drug and/or alcohol problem. Although it is not the supervisor’s job to diagnose personal problems, the supervisor should encourage such employees to seek help and advise them about available resources for getting help. Everyone shares responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment and co-workers should encourage anyone who may have a drug and/or alcohol problem to seek help.

The goal of this policy is to balance our respect for individuals with the need to maintain a safe, productive and drug/alcohol free environment. The intent of this policy is to offer a helping hand to those who need it, while sending a clear message that the illegal use of drug and/or alcohol are incompatible with employment at (Company Name.)


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Clinic/Hospital Name: ____________________________________________


Date: ___________________________

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