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CVMA Illegal Practice Position Statement


1Business and Professions Code:

4853. Registration of place of practice

(a)  All premises where veterinary medicine, veterinary dentistry, veterinary surgery, and the various branches thereof is being practiced shall be registered with the board. The certificate of registration shall be on a form prescribed in accordance with Section 164.

(b)  Premises for the purpose of this chapter shall include a building, kennel, mobile unit, or vehicle. Mobile units and vehicles shall be exempted from independent registration with the board when they are operated from a building or facility which is the licensee manager’s principal place of business and the building is registered with the board, and the registration identifies and declares the use of the mobile unit or vehicle.

(c)  Every application for registration of veterinary premises shall set forth in the application the name of the responsible licensee manager who is to act for and on behalf of the licensed premises. Substitution of the responsible licensee manager may be accomplished by application to the board if the following conditions are met:

(1)  The person substituted qualifies by presenting satisfactory evidence that he or she possesses a valid, unexpired, and unrevoked license as provided by this chapter and that the license is not currently under suspension.

(2)  No circumvention of the law is contemplated by the substitution.

Added Stats 1965 ch 1376 3. Amended Stats 1971 ch 716 63; Stats 1978 ch 1314 3; Stats 1997 ch 642 21 (AB 839).

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